Dear Guests and Tourists
On behalf of the Christian community of this region, I extend a very warm welcome!
You are staying in a glorious, wonderful area, where one senses the presence of God, resplendent in the beauty of His creation, but also well known for the quality of the warmth of reception and hospitality of His children. We are glad to welcome you to spend a time of rest and recreation with us, time  necessary to enjoy a sense of peace and to regain energy, in order to return to a new period of life’s path, refreshed both physically and spiritually.
Our region is endowed with stunning, enchanting scenery, but also bears witness to the rich culture of a civilization of outstanding historical and artistic patrimony.
I hope that in an ambience of rediscovered tranquillity, you are able to encounter God in special, personal moments of meditation but also during your participation in our Eucharistic celebrations on Sundays.

+ Oscar Cantoni
Bishop of the Catholic Church of Com


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